Aroma Therapy Kit Combo

Aroma Therapy Kit Combo (4 + 1 FREE)

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Home & Office Use Aroma Therapy Kit have many therapeutic properties:

Hand Crafted Ceramic Aroma Dispenser, Tea Lights (5). Aromatic Oil – Rose (15 ml) Jasmine (15 ml), Lavender (15 ml), Sandal Wood (15 ml).

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About Vrinda Home & Office Use Aroma Therapy Kit
The use of Aroma Therapy in the workplace reduces work related stress and improve activity. Aroma Therapy affect the mood and morale of employees. Working in an aroma therapy treated environment enables employees to think more positively and clearly, along with feeling better altogether.
A pleasant working environment is now more of a necessity than desire for employees when considering employment. Positive attitudes in the workplace are closely connected to an aroma therapy treated environment. Employee burnout and stress has become a continuing problem in the workplace that has many employers searching for solutions to these serious problems. Some factors that contribute to employees becoming stressed are computers, lack of sunlight, pressuring work demands, and deadlines, harsh chemicals used for cleaning and improper lighting. The use of aroma therapy in the workplace is taking a natural approach to adding comfort in the environment to reduce stress and therefore increase productivity.
An aroma therapy treated environment offers a more comfortable and pleasant working environment. With this comes the ability to think more clearly and function more easily and also make fewer mistakes that take time to be corrected.

How to Use:
Add 8 – 10 drops of the oil to a diffuser with water and burn with a tea light underneath or use a vaporizer or an electric aroma diffuser.

Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use. Store in a cool, dark place and out of sun light.



About Vrinda:
Brand “Vrinda” has emerged as a category leader in category of Essential Oils, Aromatic Oils, Aroma Therapy Kit Combo, Blended Therapeutic Essential Oil, Body Roll On.

About Aromatic Oils:
Aromatic Oils stimulates reception in our brain and activate the region that controls our limbic system. Our limbic system is what triggers our emotions, memory, learning & motivation. When your body smells a particular scent at a particular time, such as during meditation or prayer, your body immediately goes into that certain state of mind.


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    Excellent Kit!!

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