Braj Body Mist Spray 100 ml


Braj Body Mist Spray have many therapeutic properties:

About Braj Body Mist Spray:

Brand “Vrinda” has emerged as a category leaderin Essential Oils,Aromatic Oils, Blended Therapeutic Essential Oil, Blended Aromatic Oils, Body Roll On, Body Mist Sprays and Natural Skin Care Products.

Essential &Aromatic Oils stimulates reception in our brain and activate the region that controls our limbic system. Our limbic system is what triggers our emotions, memory, learning & motivation. When your body smells a particular scent at a particular time, such as during meditation or prayer, your body immediately goes into that certain state of mind.

  • Divine fragrance of Flowers Krishna loved, presented as Braj Body Mist Spray, to scent your skin.
  • Our exotic perfumes manufactured from flower extractions have a fresh, subtle, and lingering scent that can go from daily home and office wear to romantic evenings out.

Apply the body mist after shower on pulse points. Hold the body mist 4 – 5 inches away from your pulse points. Spray each pulse point with one spray. Let the body mist soak in and dry to your skin. Pulse points include your wrists, inside of your elbows, the front of your neck, the back of your knees and centre of your chest.


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