Sun Screen Cream 50 Grams


Sun Screen Cream have many therapeutic properties:

About Vrinda Sun Screen Cream:

Sunscreen Cream with Sunflower Oil, Geranium & Rose Essential Oils, Shea Butter protects from UV radiation and leaves skin evenly toned.

Skin is a serious business, much more than we ever thought of or perceived. Vrinda understands it.

The primary function of the skin is to act as a barrier. The skin provides protection from: mechanical impacts and pressure, variations in temperature, micro-organisms, radiation, and chemicals.

  • Sunscreen Cream protects from UV radiation.
  • It leaves skin evenly toned.
  • Key Ingredients Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Geranium and Rosewood Essential Oils.
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  1. Ragini Bisht

    Product was as expected, gave great flavor to my cream. Would order again.

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